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We want to invite you to the 28th Meeting of the Petrology Group of the PTMin and 9th Meeting of the Mineralogical Society of Poland which will take place from 19th to 22nd October 2023 in Hotel Dębowy Biowellness & SPA (, in the picturesque park and palace complex of Bielawa near Wrocław, Poland.

This meeting will be organized by the Wrocław Research Centre of ING PAN in cooperation with other ING PAN research centers, Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań, Polish Geological Institute - National Research Institute, and Wrocław University. As always, the organizing committee guarantees a high scientific level, beautiful scenery, fruitful discussions, insight into modern analytical techniques provided by our sponsors, and fascinating outcrops during the half-day geological field trip on Sunday, which will include all parts of the ophiolite with mantle, crust-mantle transition, gabbros, dikes, basalts, and oceanic sediments in six outcrops on three sites.

The scope of the 28th Meeting of the Petrology Group will cover a vast spectrum of topics related to petrology, mineralogy and ore geology. After the Thursday evening icebreaker, we will start with the eponymous topic: ‘Oceanic lithosphere: rocks, minerals, and critical resources’ on Friday, and move to the continental lithosphere, clay mineralogy, ore geology, planetary geology, and other topics on Saturday, followed by the geological field trip in the Ślęża Massif on Sunday.

We invite PTMin members and all interested researchers including students to participate in our meeting! We also expect six distinguished keynote speakers from Belgium, Germany, Hungary, Italy, and Spain.


The conference will be held on site only. Remote participation is not possible.


PTMin 2023